Vehicle scrapping



For many years, Węglotex has been buying cars, scrapping and recycling them. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to efficiently guide the customer through the process of deregistering the vehicle and quickly evaluate the car.

Car prices are set individually depending on the completeness and weight of the car.

We issue documents for deregistration of the vehicle able in each Communication Department.

Take a vehicle procedure

Please prepare the following documents:

1. ID card or other document confirming identity,
2. Vehicle registration document
3. Vehicle card, if issued,
4. Valid insurance policy
5. In a situation where the vehicle has not been re-registered, it is necessary to have all sale agreements, invoices or a donation deed confirming the purchase
6. Statement of the co-owner.

In case that the vehicle has more than one owner, it is necessary to provide signed declaration of the owner / co-owner containing consent to scrap the vehicle. The declaration should contain:

Name and surname of the Co-owner
ID card number issued by …
Information about scrapped vehicle:
– Vehicle registration number
– Vehicle company, type and model
– VIN number
With a note: which I am the owner / co-owner (delete as appropriate), who is not encumbered with any rights (no credit, no leasing, no security for property).

7. In case when registration document is lost or take by the public office, it is necessary to obtain a document confirming the details of the vehicle and the last owner.

8. In case of loss of the vehicle card or registration plates it is necessary to fill declaration at location.

9.If the vehicle is registered for company, attach the company’s documents (CEIDG or KRS) and authorization for the company’s representative to scrap the vehicle

10. In case of death of the vehicle owner, it is important to provide to us a death act and a copy of the court decision declaring the inheritance acquired.